What are e-books?

From Wikipedia:
"The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as 'an electronic version of a printed book,' but e-books can and do exist without any printed equivalent. E-books are usually read on dedicated hardware devices known as e-Readers or e-book devices. Personal computers and some cell phones can also be used to read e-books."

Advantages of e-books:
- takes up less space; an e-reader can potentially hold thousands of books
- can be offered indefinitely withoug ever going "out of print"
- many free e-books available
- most e-books that aren't free are cheaper than their printed counterparts
- environmentally friendly

There are several popular e-readers on the market now. Maybe you received one as a gift or picked one up and now are unsure how to download e-books from the library. Perhaps you are still trying to figure out which e-reader is right for you. We're here to help you! Links to more information on some of the most popular readers (Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc.) are available at the top of the screen.


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