Business & Investments

Research Tools

Business Source Premier
Company and industry profiles, country and market research reports.
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Explora for Everyone
Easy-to-browse categories, organized by popular topics, provide everyone with a starting point for research.
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Gale Courses; Business
Interactive, instructor led online courses on business software, professional skills, grant writing & more. Even courses to help you start your own business!
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Gale Courses; Personal Finance & Investments
Interactive, instructor led online courses in money management & investing in stocks, bonds, and real estate.
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Reference Solutions
(formerly referred to as ReferenceUSA)
Look up addresses and phone numbers, research businesses, conduct market research and search for jobs.
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Regional Business News
Business publications covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.
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Accurate and insightful investment research on companies, industries, markets and economies
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Recommended Websites

Small Business Resources for E-Seed Class
Starting and Researching a Small Business.

Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin
Look up businesses and charities before you do business with them.

Book Connections
Enrich your connection to children's and young adult books through meet-the-author recordings, read-along performances and more!
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Build Your Business helps you start or expand your business.

Learn about investing from this site which offers a dictionary, tutorials, articles and a free "fantasy investing pool"!; U.S. Small Business Adminisration
Assistance to small businesses through education, advocacy and financing.

Generate financial charts for stocks. Some are free, but others may require a subscription fee.

Thomas Register
Find company profiles, contact info, subsidiaries, and catalogs of US and Canadian manufacturers.

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
Resources for starting and operating a business in Wisconsin.