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Songbook Database
Check out songs related to composers and writers with Wisconsin roots.
Resource provided by Badgerlink.

Royalty free music and sound effects designed specifically for K-12 school use.
Resource provided by Badgerlink.

Recommended Websites

A&E Biography
Biographies from historical figures to current celebrities.

All Music
Artist biographies, discographies, chart rankings of songs, and much more.

Appleton Public Library’s Songbook Index
Search over 850 songbooks owned by the Appleton Public Library.

IMDB (Internet Movie Database)
Find information on virtually any actor, film or television program.

Patchogue-Medford Popular Song Index
1100+ songbooks for words and music. Also indexes "Sheet Music Magazine" from 1987 to present, searchable by composer.

Sheet Music Consortium
Group of libraries providing access to digitized sheet music.

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